Monday, May 21, 2018
Clutter = Chaos

I believe that clutter is the physical presence of the chaos which is currently living in your mind.

Sound far fetched?  Let’s take a quick look around at your surroundings starting with the obvious; your desk.  Is your desk neat, all documents stored in an orderly manner?  Are your files labeled in such a way as to provide quick access?  Do you have a planner-calendar to stay the course and complete those tasks necessary to keep your business on track?

Hmmmm…. or maybe this is a bit more accurate.  Desk has a pile or three of papers that you are going to “get to”.  There is a tray that has carefully balanced stack that reaches to the ceiling of “waiting to be filed” documents.  Or perhaps you flit from event to event based on whatever phone call, email, text may grab your attention?

This is the chaos that is already living within your mind making itself known in your day to day physical surroundings.  Not only is this chaos death to your career but to your personal and spiritual life as well.

Here are some surprising ways that clutter is quietly comprising your life. *increases stress * wrecks diet *isolates you *prevents promotion opportunities *causes missed work *decreases productivity *encourages poor spending habits *keeps you in debt.

Something as simple as taking time each day to get your home, office, emotions, and spirit organized and pulled together will immediately begin producing results!

Think of it this way:  you do not want your surroundings to project your current situation but rather your future POTENTIAL!!

So grab some organizers and a trash can and let’s get busy!  This is your life, your business and YOU are in control!

Happy day folks….